A team of experts at your service

Your expectations

are our goals

Added value

In a complex and constantly changing world, where demanding financial markets and restrictive legal provisions make it difficult to manage your assets.

You want to rely on a strong, reliable and competent partner.

  • You expect your advisor to listen to and protect your needs, to be at your entire disposal.
  • You demand a clear and transparent partnership, based on trust and long term relationship.
  • You consider a global approach of wealth management, based on common sense and a vision for the future.
  • You are looking for highly skilled specialists in fields as diverse as tax, pensions, real estate, or estate planning.

Thanks to our long experience in banking and finance, independent asset manager for more than a decade and active members of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, we put all our expertise at your service.


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Wealth management

Practical tools

to answer your needs and achieve your goals

Wealth management requires rigor, expertise, pragmatism and solid knowledge of the environment. Whether you are independent or salaried, active or retired person, we bring you our expertise in financial services and wealth management, including:

  • Asset management on a discretionary basis or active supervision basis,
  • Costs analysing and monitoring,
  • Competitive bidding between products and services providers,
  • Open architecture,
  • Global wealth planning, with a long-term view.

Depending on the diversity of your needs and expectations, we rely on an extended network of highly skilled professionals, who can assist you in areas as various as taxation, pensions, insurance, estate planning, or real estate.

Added value

Independant Asset Manager

An experienced co-pilot

by your side

From the flight plan, throughout your journey, we stand by your side. Depending on your investment profile and risk tolerance, we jointly develop an investment strategy, with a global vision. Establishing a personalized and efficient portfolio requires time, care and a vision.

We work on a contract basis, within the frame of an open architecture, seeking to protect your interest. Depending on how you wish to be involved in the management of your assets, we help you in:

  • cost and performance monitoring.
  • controlling of outsourced managed portfolios to banks.
  • supervision and advisory for your portfolio,
  • full discretionary portfolio mandate,
  • You keep the complete control of your assets deposited in the bank of your choice. No withdrawal or any transfer from your accounts and deposits can be made without your formal instruction to the custodian bank. We work with leading banks, such as Lombard Odier, BCV, UBS or Credit Suisse.

If you wish, we can assist you in choosing the bank that best meets your needs.

Added value

Global advising

Our philosophy


We help you building comprehensive and consolidated solutions, incorporating all elements of wealth management.

The effectiveness of our work lies in the following:

  • One trusted point of contact, able and ready to solve your expectations,
  • One office, with local and international network of talented specialists, experts in taxation, pensions, insurance, estate or real estate,
  • A proactive team, highly attuned to the evolution of political, economic, legal and tax environment,
  • The protection of your interest in a complex world,
  • The search for optimal solutions to meet your expectations,
  • A special long term relationship, devoting you all the time you deserve,
  • Quality service, motivated by love of well-done work.
Added value


You are the driving movement

of our action

Within the context of a trusted relationship, rooted in continuity and sustainability, we proceed by:

  • Getting to know you first, by establishing an overview of your situation, detailing the elements of your wealth, taxation, pensions, insurance, and real estate,
  • Identifying, understanding and analysing your needs,
  • Establishing your goals, determining your objectives, both financial and private,
  • Thinking of solutions, develop an action plan on short, mid and long term, coordinating the various interventions,
  • Implementing the solutions adopted,
  • Ensuring a regular monitoring in the form of reports and consolidated data, regular review of implemented solutions,
  • Anticipating issues, questions and needs, preparing the future.
Added value

Know-how & Accuracy

In a vast and complex world,

we offer you:

  • Comprehensiveness, simplicity and coordination: a privileged interlocutor, a global overview and access to an extended network of skilled specialists,
  • Independence and objectivity: freedom of thoughts, no influence from the belonging to another financial group, promoting competition among brokers,
  • Rigor, self-criticism, regular review of the chosen and implemented strategies, the care of a job well done,
  • Availability: we are here when you need, as long as you need,
  • Pragmatism and efficiency: optimization, quick execution, straight and privileged access to the right people at any time,
  • Expertise: skilled professionals in their fields,
  • Ethic: privacy, confidentiality, protection of your interests,
  • Compliance: strict compliance with laws and regulations.
Added value


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